The three of us first met in the year 2008 in Nigeria. We were a part of a volunteer program for an NGO, that was conducting a wellness mission to fight against Leprosy in Africa. That is when our journey started. It left such a lasting impression on us, that when we started the blog, we immediately knew what to name it. The nig is leprosymission-nig.org actually stands for Nigeria to represent the place where it all started.


Leprosymission-nig.org is an environmental and social blog dedicated to create awareness about various environment and social issues. The blog features under-covered stories and the latest developments regarding sustainable development, biodiversity preservation, equal distribution etc. The main mission of the blog is to provide context and knowledge to the readers to create a difference.

One of the main reasons we started the blog was to widen our outreach so that our stories could reach millions of people across the world. We endeavor to inspire you with ideas and solutions on how you can contribute to the world around you. Above all, we hope the blog can act as a platform for people with similar interests and beliefs to gather together and share.